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Note: This page will be much easier to use if you rotate your phone sideways

If you would like to submit a name, please use the form below, or send a text to one of the numbers shown further down.

  • Please only send ONE name at a time
  • The name must be entered in English letters, as not everyone's 'phone can display Hebrew letters
  • The name must be in the form HebrewName ben/bas/bat MothersHebrewName
  • Do not include anything other than the name
  • If submitting by text, make sure to use the right number
  • If the name is for children, only submit the wife's name, not the husband's

Any submissions that do not follow these rules will be automatically rejected

Submit a name from this web site

You can supply your email address or mobile number, and we will use that to contact you when we send you a name in return

UK numbers only UK numbers only (07...)

Submit a name via text (SMS)

We will reply to your mobile number when sending you the name in return.

0748 133 9727
0748 133 9745
0748 133 9734
0748 133 9522
0748 133 9373

Please note that these mobile numbers are for the UK only. If you are outside the UK, please use the form above and enter an email address.